Solheimar's Pentathlon Show I

6/15/24 - 6/16/24

The time schedule may not be complete.
Code Test
2GA Two Gait Adult
2GY Two Gait Youth
3GA Three Gait Adult
BEER Beer Tölt
MXBA Mix in a Bag Adult
MXBY Mix in a Bag Youth
PT Pleasure Tölt
T1 Tölt
T3 Tölt (Group)
T5 Tölt
T6 Tölt
T7 Tölt
T8 Tölt
TeamV Pairs Four Gait
TGH Green Horse Tölt
TNH Novice Horse Tölt
V1 Four Gait
V2 Four Gait (Group)
V3 Four Gait
V5 Four Gait
V6 Four Gait
VGH Green Horse Four Gait

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