IHSGB British Championship & Summer Show

6/25/22 - 6/26/22

The time schedule may not be complete.
Code Test
FG1-Tolt Figures Test Lvl 1 (Tolt)
FG1-Trot Figures Test Lvl 1 (Trot)
PP1 Pace Test
Sat-F1 Individual Five Gait
Sat-F3 Intermediate Group Five Gait
Sat-T1 Individual Tölt
Sat-T2 Individual Loose Rein Tölt
Sat-T3 Advanced Group Tölt
Sat-T5 Intermediate Group Tölt
Sat-T6 Intermediate Group Loose Rein Tölt
Sat-T7 Elementary Group Tölt
Sat-V1 Individual Four Gait
Sat-V2 Advanced Group Four Gait
Sat-V3 Intermediate Group Four Gait
Sat-V5 Introductory Group Four Gait
Sun-F1 Individual Five Gait
Sun-F3 Intermediate Group Five Gait
Sun-T1 Individual Tölt
Sun-T2 Individual Loose Rein Tölt
Sun-T3 Advanced Group Tölt
Sun-T5 Intermediate Group Tölt
Sun-T6 Intermediate Group Loose Rein Tölt
Sun-T7 Elementary Group Tölt
Sun-V1 Individual Four Gait
Sun-V2 Advanced Group Four Gait
Sun-V3 Intermediate Group Four Gait
Sun-V5 Introductory Group Four Gait
TT Track & Trail
F1-O Overall F1
F3-O Overall F3
T1-O Overall T1
T2-O Overall T2
T3-O Overall T3
T5-O Overall T5
T6-O Overall T6
T7-O Overall T7
V1-O Overall V1
V3-O Overall V3
V5-O Overall V5

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