Tamangur Icelandic Fall Event 2022

9/17/22 - 9/18/22

The time schedule may not be complete.
Code Test
3G Three Gait
3G.x Three Gait
BEER Beer Tölt
F1 Five Gait
F2 Five Gait (Group)
F3 Five Gait (Group)
F3.x Five Gait (Group)
LL LeadLine
P2 Pace Race 100m (flying start)
PP1 Pace Test
PT Pleasure Tölt
PT.x Pleasure Tölt
T1 Tölt
T2 Loose Rein Tölt
T3 Tölt (Group)
T4 Loose Rein Tölt (Group)
T5 Tölt
T5.x Tölt
T6 Tölt
T6.x Tölt
T7 Tölt
T7.x Tölt
T8 Tölt
T8.x Tölt
T812und Tölt
TGH Green Horse Tölt
TGH.x Green Horse Tölt
V1 Four Gait
V2 Four Gait (Group)
V3 Four Gait
V3.x Four Gait
V5 Four Gait
V5.x Four Gait
V6 Four Gait
V6.x Four Gait
VGH Green Horse Four Gait
VGH.x Green Horse Four Gait

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